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Lark bucket seats

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    Of the 29 Studebakers I have owned (some with low mileage) I have
    yet to find a single block under the front seats.


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      When I put GT Hawk buckets in my 63 Lark hardtop, I can remember the seats needing to be a few inches higher. With the same seats now in my 58 sedan, no spacer is needed. But I'm getting ready to put the original bench back in there soon, so maybe now I'll put the buckets in the 59 truck when I get back on it.

      I've never noticed any wooden blocks under any seats (I've never looked), but I can definitely see a need for them. Several later Lark owners have told me that they installed spacers. Maybe they were installed at the factory. Early vs. late production?


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        I have owned upwards to 20 63-66 Larks with non of them having the wooden blocks.In most cases I have made and installed these blocks because the original seat are too low,the blocks make a big difference in comfortable driving position

        Ray Martin


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          Maybe there was a service bulletin that recommended installing them?
          I too have had plenty of Larks and Hawks and I can say I have not found them in all but I have found them in enough of the cars to be more than coincidence. None are ever crudely done and all seem to have several of the spacers cracked in two, ie. not plywood.