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Wire Wheels....should I worry?

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    The Indy replica is looking grand! I saw a film the other day at the speedway museum where they had all 8 of the studie indy cars lined up....fantastic looking cars!

    I had some Borrani Wires back when I had the 59 Ferrari. The hub was chrome plated, spokes plated and the rim was aluminum with the outer edge polished. I sent them to Dayton where they rechromed everything and installed stainless spokes. They even had the little sticker which said Borrani stuck on the hub like from the factory. The cost was about 250 each back in around 1990. I imagine they would examine your wheels and true them for a reasonable price if you have concern about their soundness. Mine were astonishingly light weight....also were 16".
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      Absolutely stunning! And in my estimation, worth every penny (or rather dollar).


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        Originally posted by PackardV8 View Post

        For true, Bill. I wasted some of the best years of my young life in the retail tire business. Most customers don't want to know anything about tires beyond resenting spending any money at all on them.

        My custom Avanti came with a set of fifty-year-old Dayton true knockoffs. They rusted the worst of any I've ever seen, so I sandblasted and painted them Avanti Gold body color. Having rusty wire wheels sandblasted and powder coated is a trick way to save them.

        I also have a set of five Borrani true knockoffs which are also fifty years old and the chrome still looks great.

        The downside of most wire wheels, especially the older true knockoffs, is they require tubes. The combination of steel rim, steel spokes, steel center, steel knockoff hub adapter and the tubes add up to being heavier than the hubs of hell. They're also more difficult to balance than modern aluminum wheels. Wire wheels are great for shows; terrible for ride and handling.

        jack vines
        Any thoughts of selling the borranis?
        Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.