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'57 Packard Clipper windshield question...

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    Originally posted by silverhawk View Post
    Wow, you can really work some magic on photo's! Do you just do this as a hobby, or?
    Just a hobby, Dylan. But many thanks for the compliment. Looking forward to seeing your creation when it's done!


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      Thanks for the input guys! I do appreciate it! I'm really hoping, Lord willing, to do this car build in the next couple years. It all depends on another car being completed, mostly. There is the possibility I won't go through with it, that only being I come across another one of my dream cars, one that is higher on the list than this (drat those Avanti's, look to darn good! Also defend the Studebaker name so well.....) ; or some other unforeseen circumstance comes my way.

      Other thoughts though. My mind went to the interior idea's; I was thinking a variation of the '56 Clipper seats, having the reversible seat cushions. Retain the stock dash, fab the interior trim to look correct; and do it all in a nice broadcloth and leather.
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