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Engine colors for a 1961 259-V-8

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  • Engine: Engine colors for a 1961 259-V-8

    The engine for my 1961 Lark VIII Regal Wagon has been pulled and is half-way through the rebuild. I bought the proper paints for the engine - silver for the block and red-orange for the valve covers, but am now looking for images of these engines and the engine compartment in order to guide my friend who is working on it. Some questions that I have - what color was the automatic transmission - same as the block? How about the oil pan? Also, what is a suitable black to use for the electrical components, radiator shroud, etc?
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    Oil pan is the same silver as the block. All black items are satin or semi-gloss except the air cleaner which is gloss black. Not sure about the automatic.
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      What a coinky-dink, I'm detailing the engine room on my '63 Wagonaire, so it's a current topic for me.

      wdills is right on the money for colors. I use Dupli-Color Ford Semi-gloss black and Dupli-Color Gloss Black is what I just sprayed my air cleaner with. For the radiator, which is a little flatter black, Plasti-Kote T-3 Hot Rod Black is what I've used for many years.

      Good to hear of another wagon getting back on the road!

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        Also, what color should I paint the fan?


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          Here are a couple of 1961 Hawk engines. Note there were no rocker arm cover decals for 1961, even though the one photo shows them. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...highlight=1961



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            I think most automatics got a little satin black, sometimes silver. i never have pulled an origional flight-o-matic that actually had any paint, i helped out in a studebaker salvage yard for 10 yrs. i prefer the satin black. Doofus


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              Only the Converter housings and Transmissions that someone rebuilt are painted differently than the Engine. They are all Engine Color.

              The Fan is Red/Orange,NO, they are Silver including the Pulley on a '61, I don't know why I was thinking '62-'64 Colors.

              Updated, my bad thanks Chris.
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                I have always thought the fan should be silver on a 1961 model. I have seen original low mileage 1959 and 1960 models with a silver fan and they also share a silver block, heads, etc.



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                  Thanks everybody for the information. My car also has power steering - what color was this unit typically painted? I've seen them in a light silver, sometimes with a black lid - is this the correct color combination for this unit for the 1961 model year? Also, were the master cylinder and steering gear ever painted?
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                    Originally posted by stude dude View Post
                    I have always thought the fan should be silver on a 1961 model. I have seen original low mileage 1959 and 1960 models with a silver fan and they also share a silver block, heads, etc.

                    My newly acquired 59 Lark 6 has the remains of silver on the water pump pulley. I cant tell right now what color the fan is (or was!) plus it's a 6 blade fan. so it might have been replaced at some time. Interesting too but having nothing to do with this post is what I found on the engine (V-8) that will be going into this car. The engine had been equipped for air conditioning & I noticed today the elbow on the back of the right head was installed & the gasket had slipped exposing the lower part that should have been retained with a bolt. I guess it didn't leak but the heater couldn't have worked very well.
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                      My 59 Lark Flathead six had a black fan, silver block, head, oil pan, bellhousing and transmission. When I acquired the car it had 29,700 miles so I believe the colors to be correct.