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  • Engine: My new 62 GT Hawk

    I've got GREAT NEWS! My LOVELY wife said I could splurge and get a 62 GT Hawk off CL! I still need to sell my 63 lark , but for now I have TWO Studebakers. I have a couple of questions now about the Hawk. It has a 259 V8 with 4-barrel,PS,AT,dual exhaust and factory air-conditioning options, to name a few. The engine number is V587685 body number 62V-K6 4927. The door number has been painted over, so I don't have that one yet. I found in the online engine serial numbers that mine appears to be a '63 259-v8 ? I was searching here and it was said a 259 was only used in export cars. Is that true, and I wonder if it would be possible to find out where it went first, or did someone maybe change it? As always, thanks for all of your input!

    Driven Daily

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    Tim Johnston
    Collierville TN

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    I sent you a PM. Call me.



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      Nice looking car. Congratulations on a great find.

      Most GT Hawks had 289 engines, which would start with the letter "P" in 1962. The most likely thing is that someone changed your engine at some point in the car's 52 year history.

      You should buy the shop manual, the chassis parts manual, and the body parts manual. They are all on sale this month at Studebaker international. See the ad in the latest Turning Wheels.

      You can also purchase the production order for your car from the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend. That will tell you how the car was configured, when it was built, and where it was shipped initially.
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        Originally posted by Timj View Post
        I've got GREAT NEWS! My LOVELY wife said I could splurge and get a 62 GT Hawk off CL! The door number has been painted over, so I don't have that one yet.

        Driven Daily

        The "door number" would be the VIN#. If it's been painted over you should still be able to read the stamped portion. If not, then carefully strip the paint off that plate (it's stainless steel). Then you should be able to read it. I believe Chris at Studebaker/Australia in Brisbane has the decal so you can restore the plate to what it looked like when new. You will enjoy your Hawk. They are a great riding car.
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          After reading Bob P. post about titles, I will admit to doing a stupid thing. In my hast and excitement , I didn't scrape off the paint and double check the VIN number. I'm glad to say I was able to carefully dab a bit of paint remover on the plate and was able to read the correct number matching the title. Thanks for the compliments and advice.

          Tim Johnston
          Collierville TN


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            Congrats TimJ:

            My lovely wife let me buy a 1964 GT Hawk last year. I had one like yours when I was younger. I had so much fun with it that I needed another one. Best of luck with it. You came to the right place. These guys can help you.
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              Lookin good! Get that puppy on the road, then drive and enjoy