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    Studebaker engines are very good at suppling a large supply of oil to the top of the heads. Too much IMO.

    For that reason I prefer the positive seals over unbrella seals. Unbrella seals do not stay sealed on the guide top. I have never taken apart a spring and not see the seal stuck up against the retainer bottom. So much for shielding the guide from oil. So the oil enters the guide and lubs the valve stem. That's good and needed but over time it will end up in the chamber. That's why so many stude engines have oily deposits on the piston tops and chambers. Or smoke a lot on start up or acceleration. And just about every one I have inspected will have oil trail markings along the roof to the exhaust port exit. You want see the trail as much on the intake side because of fuel wash but the oil is entering the chamber where it isn't suspose to be. Should have only air and fuel in the chamber in a perfect world. If the guides are too loose or worn the valves will seal poorly on the seats.
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