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Noise problem and I'm Stuck

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: Noise problem and I'm Stuck

    I have a noise problem with my '40 Champion Sedan w/overdrive. The mechanical systems (brakes, steering, engine,etc.) have been done and the car starts and drives nicely. When the car gets above 12-15 mph a constant,high-pitched whine appears. It seems to be coming from the front right side but I'm not sure. The whine is not very loud and does not seem to increase with speed. I have disengaged the clutch while moving but the sound persists. I have revved-up the engine when at rest and the sound doesn't appear. I've rechecked the front end components and can find nothing wrong. I've checked the transmission and overdrive unit for lubrication and they are full. I checked the throw-out bearing, u-joints, differential and rear wheels with no luck. Any ideas you guys and gals might have will greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

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    Front wheel bearing?


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      Could be your speedometer or the cable; lack of lubrication? If the noise is from the front wheels, try jacking up each front wheel in turn and spinning it by hand. 12 - 15 mph isn't very much rpm on a wheel, you can easily spin it that fast by hand. Conceivably a drum could be just touching a backing plate and "bowing" it like a violin string. Or an errant piece of brake hardware rubs the drum and does the same. Like the wear indicators built into brake pads?

      I would try disconnect the speedo cable and take it for a run.
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        Have somebody stand OUTSIDE the car and listen. My 07 Aura developed a strange squealing noise when turning. It sounded like it was coming from the passenger side front. Just to be sure I had my wife do donuts in a parking lot while I listened. From outside the sound clearly came from the rear. I replaced the rear pads and rotors and fixed the problem. Point is sound does funny things and might not be coming from where your ears think.
        That said I have heard speedometers develop a whine before...


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          Thanks Guys,

          I did disassemble the front wheel and checked the drum, shoes, backing plate and wheel bearing everything seemed fine.
          I think it could be the speedometer cable now that you mentioned it. I installed a brand new cable but didn't lube it. Do new cables need an application of graphite?

          If that doesn't do it I'll try the outside observer suggestion. I'll let you know what I find out.
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            Speedo cable lube

            You absolutely have to lube the cable. There is a special lubricant for it that any auto parts store will have. I think it is just light oil and graphite but for 3 bucks get the right stuff. If you did not already lubricate your speedometer there is a small oil hole right above where the cable attaches. Just put a couple drops of light machine oil (I used air tool oil) in the hole. It is a pain because you can't see it and can barely touch it but it is important to lubricate this at least once every 30 years (at least that is how often mine needed lubricated).