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Rolling the dice, and question on an old TC replacement

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: Rolling the dice, and question on an old TC replacement

    I have been having the occasional "catch" when starting my 259 Y6 with AT x 2 years now. I have a fresh battery, a good charging generator & regulator, and now a freshly rebuilt starter with 3 bushings and a quality rebuild. Not to mention cleaning to shine all connections in the starting circuit. I have come to the conclusion that I have either an ignition switch issue or bad TC gear teeth. The teeth on the Bendix gear had mild wear when I rebuilt it last month.

    My ignition switch operates nicely without any issue in any position and without any wobble to the inserted key.

    I have 2 used torque converters that I removed from 2 cars that are in the shed x 5-10 years. If the worst happens and I need to replace the TC, can I simply install and fill the system complete with new AT fluid or will it require additional attention beforehand ??

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    New ring gears are still available. The old one needs to be cut off at the welds, and the new one welded back on. I had it done on a 60 Hawk with flighto. I'm guessing that any good machine shop could do the work for you.
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      Goes without saying, inspect the original TC ring gear first. You could inspect through the starter hole or after removing the bottom cover and rotating the TC.
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        I would only trust a Torque Converter Re-builder to replace a Ring Gear properly, Centered and Balanced and they would probably only do that with a Complete cut it open and rebuild it job.

        If your Spare Converters did not come from a "burned out" Transmission with loads of lining material contamination from Bands and Clutches in it, and the opening was covered for10 + Years, if the Ring gears are good they should be fine, drain them and run them.

        I am guessing from the Body Code, that this is a '62 Lark VIII Regal 4 Door Sedan that we are dealing with.
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          yes: 62V-Y6


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            Yes, most every Studebaker comes with a chewed ring gear.
            Yes, new ring gears are available, but it's expensive to have one installed on a torque converter.
            Yes, agree with Rich, unless the transmission was killed by towing or running hot, the Stude V8s don't make enough horsepower to damage a torque converter.
            Having said that, they're basically impossible to flush of debris.

            jack vines


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              Jackb please define 'catch'. You may likely have an electrical problem. Only problem I have ever had with a ring green is a chipped tooth, which is easy to confirm by getting under the car and rotating the motor, inch by inch, and looking at each and every tooth. Without visual confirmation, I would not even think of replacing the ring gear. JHMO