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Do modern Studebaker heater cores have large core cross sections?

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  • Cool/Heat: Do modern Studebaker heater cores have large core cross sections?

    i read somewhere that newer car's heater cores have cores that have very small cross sections, hence clog easily, does my 1960 Lark have this issue? thank you Click image for larger version

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    No. The one on my '60 is still good at age 61. Aren't you getting enough heat there in So Cal?


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      i put in a tube stop leak powder to deal with a weepy freeze plug, i now bought irontite thoroflush to clean the system out so i can properly replace the freeze plug, i saw images of new heater cores completely clogged with stop leak, and i was wondering if i killed my heater core, if the cross-section is large enough maybe i dodged a bullet


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        I think most Larks have an air filter before the heater core. '59 - '63 for sure.


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          The really nice thing about those cars up until 1961 is access to the heater core takes less than fifteen minutes.
          Your system will be drained to replace the freeze plug; why not pull the core and have it cleaned at a radiator shop. Probably hasn't been done in 61 years.
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            i have done some heater core jobs, an 82 corvette, they are hell, i love my stude, it heats well and the freeze plug job is all i can plan for right now, getting lazy were i can, i was lazy with the freeze plug last year and look what it got me, extra work now, but i was overwhelmed with just getting the car and it need a touch-up with literally everything, now i can pick my battles


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              My '59 Lark core was weapy from sitting dormant for 43 years(head gaskets too). I found an old school radiator guy who built me a new core from a '61 Falcon unit.