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    Originally posted by JoeHall View Post
    As part of the EFI conversion, I have two Mopar converted Prestolites in the two GT Hawks. Both have Stude caps, and one has a Mopar rotor. Either rotor will fit, but I did not know any other than OEM Stude cap would fit. Both perform flawlessly.
    The Prestolite rotor I received does not mate to the distributor shaft at all, it's completely different. The rotor on the car has a "key" type of attachment to the shaft and a solid contact on the top to make contact with the sprung contact on the cap. The rotor and cap on the car are the opposite with the sprung wire on the rotor and a solid contact on the cap! I get the feeling there may have been a few different ways to do this. I am going to give Dave Thibeault to get his thoughts!


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      Originally posted by Felix View Post
      I think I have one of those distributor conversions. It came with an engine a while back and nothing I tried fit. All I have is the prestolite V8 distributor with a mopar looking trigger system, no cap, no rotor. I tried Studebaker issued prestolite caps but ran out of options. If you find an answer it may work for me.
      I spoke with Dave Thibeault. He used the cap and rotor from a Chrysler 400 without the lean burn system. I'm going to try and source that locally and I'll let you know if I have any success.