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Carb for a '41 Champion?

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  • Engine: Carb for a '41 Champion?

    After puttering home getting around 9 mpg, I thought it might finally be time to give the carb some attention. The car's currently fitted with the Carter WA-1 (496S), and I'm wondering, is there a better carburetor to fit? As to what constitutes better, I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I certainly won't turn away a little more power, smoother delivery, or just plain better running! I've seen the Zenith 28/228 universal, and I found the below adapter for a Stromberg 97, but, this not being my area of expertise, I don't know if either would be a step up or down. Those are just two I've found, but I'm open to anything (including swapping the air filter). Thank you in advance!

    Stromberg adapter:,153284.html


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    I would check out something like this:

    There are many Makes, usually Ford or Chrysler that have Mounting Bases, Auto Choke heater hookups, Throttle pull directions, c.f.m.'s etc. quite close or the same as Champion Engine Carbs.
    You just have to do some measuring, ask Questions of sellers etc. there are Dozens out there on eBay.

    There are Dozens of Sub Models of Better Carter Model YF Carbs. for replacement on different Years and Engine Sizes of Ford Sixes, to replace the Poor Quality Holley and Ford Carbs.

    There must be a overstock of these from Warehouses that overstocked when these Sixes were popular, because Many are New in the Box.

    I believe a Sub Model of the YF WAS the Original 1941 Carb.


    Here is a Carter WA1 465S Tagged for a 1940 Nash, probably jetted slightly larger, probably as close as you will ever find, Rebuilt YEARS ago, would need freshening.

    $280.00 is a LOT for a Very Old Rebuild, since this seller has been trying since at Least April 2019, he would be Wise to take your "reasonable" ($135.00?) eBay "Legal" Offer, from a contact message for a Buy it Now for you.

    UPDATED, UPDATE: Just got a 48 Hr. Offer to sell me that one for $227.37 because I am watching it!
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      How about a carburetor from a 47-52 Champion? There should be plenty around and they are newer than the 41 carb.

      usually you don't have to redesign/re engineer. If you just bring it up to specification, you will be amazed at how well it runs.
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        Thank you both for the responses! StudeRich, much appreciation for finding those eBay links, that 465S looks awfully tempting. RadioRoy, I believe the '47-'52(?) Champions used a Carter WE, many of which are available on eBay. I'll have to check the specs on it, but sounds like a promising option.

        One more question, if you all don't mind. A thought from my younger days came to me this afternoon (dangerous, I know!). I've always loved (and still do love) the idea of a dual carb setup but couldn't afford one at the time. I just checked eBay, and found this:

        Does anyone know if this manifold is compatible with a stock exhaust manifold? I vaguely remember hearing that these require headers, but I could be mistaken.


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          When I got my 41 Champion it had a 661S WE on it. It runs great so I kept it. Since then I have acquired a parts engine with a WA-1 496S in case I ever want to go back to original but they look almost identical to a casual observer. I get around 20 mpg and the spark plugs look just like they should. The WE has a better choke and they simplified the linkage a bit. I also think the WE has a bigger accelerator pump. There are probably other minor differences.

          I last rebuilt my carb 15 years ago. Here are the pictures from the time:



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            One more thing I forgot to mention. A few years ago I tried advancing the timing a few degrees past stock. It made a huge difference in engine response and acceleration. These engines are engineered for very low octane gas so you have some room. I adjust mine so the timing mark is barely visible in the timing hole instead of lining it up with the pointer. Be sure your ignition system is as good as you can get it before you start on the carb. Enjoy!


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              Thank you, Nathan! I've followed your blog ever since I got my car about ten years ago, and it's been a huge help. That's interesting to hear about the timing, I'll have to give it a try.


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                Nice Offy, it's well Engineered to mount the Rear Carb.Higher than the Front.
                Second Generation Stude Driver,
                Proud '54 Starliner Owner