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Front coil springs

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  • Front Axle/Suspension: Front coil springs

    I am trying to find the right MOOG front coil spring part number for a V8 1963 Daytona.
    1958 Transtar 3E6-122
    1958 Transtar 3E13-31
    1959 Transtar 4E7-122
    1959 Lark 2 door Wagon
    1960 Transtar 5E28-171
    1960 Lark Gasser
    1963 Daytona

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    Just search "Moog CC" (CC= Cargo Carrier) at this site and there is a LOT of discussion on part number, fitment, installation and results. These are what people consider to be "upgraded" springs and have a variable rate. If you want stock springs others will have to direct you.
    '64 Lark Type, powered by '85 Corvette L-98 (carburetor), 700R4, - CASO to the Max.


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      I believe MOOG CC653 is the latest recommendation, since the CC655s have supposedly dried up and no longer available. If you search the archives here, there's more a lot info on the MOOGs. Moog CC655 coil springs
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        Here's a link that may be helpful: Moog CC655 coil springs


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          I haven't checked recently, but I think the Moog CC655 springs are still available through O'Reilly's Auto Parts. They carry them under the brand name Precision Coil Springs, part # SP08055. I purchased a set in late 2017 . I'd check with O'Reilly's before trying to substitute something else. ~ Dale


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            I purchased a set of Precision Coil Springs, part # SP08055 from O'Reilly's Auto Parts a couple months ago. I had them the next day.