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Studebaker crankshaft hub installer

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  • Studebaker crankshaft hub installer

    Had some members at the last club meeting ask about a front hub installer and as I had one said sure anyone that needed it could borrow it. Well guess what my Mac hub installer doesn't fit a Studebaker. So called Myers Studebaker parts and he had a extra front crankshaft bolt so had one sent and building an adapter to fit the Studebaker crank. Welded a 1/2"stud to the Studebaker bolt with the right treads to screw into the adapter and now just need to cut down the head of the bolt so it clears the center of the hub and may need a small spacer to take up the extra length and I think we have a hub installer everyone can use when needed.

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    The picture is too blurry to tell anything about it.
    You didn't check after downloading it ?

    What it a front hub installer ? I've installed hubs to Stude cars and hubs to drums without needing an "installer". Even Avanti rotors to early hubs without an "installer".



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      Talking about the front lower crankshaft front hub behind the lower pulley's Need a special tool to install it properly but none of the available tools have the adapter that fit the Studebaker crank.


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        He's talking about the hub that goes over the crankshaft snout for mounting the harmonic balancer and pulleys.

        Looks great!


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          Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker sells one that uses a thrust bearing to keep things straight and smooth.
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            Click image for larger version

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              My brother, Bill, was working on my '55 a couple years ago and needed one of these tools. Being a machinist he just pulled out a length of pipe and some other assorted stuff and started cutting and welding. Wallah! In about 15 minutes he had a really cool tool to pull the harmonic balancer. I should ask him if he kept that tool. I suspect he did as he has a '57 Golden Hawk and might need to use it on that some day.
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                This is to install the hub once you have removed it and need to put it back on. My Mac tool looks a lot like the one in post #6 just a little fancier. It uses different adapters on the crankshaft end so it fits different shafts. There is no adapter with a shaft tread of 11/16 x 16 which is what fits a Studebaker so this is what I had to build up.


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                  my friend is a machinist. Helped me with the bolt. Then I use big washers, pipe nipple and a used king pin thrust bearing.
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                    Checked to see that the adapter fit like it should to the crank after welding and then cut off all of the bolt head right up to the weld. This is what the Mac tool set looks like and close to post 6.
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                      Everything looks like it will work just need to come up with about 1" of spacer do to the extra length of the adapter. But everything else looks to be a go.
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