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installing a supercharger

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  • installing a supercharger

    Does anyone have a list or diagram of the parts required to install a supercharger onto a 1960 Hawk with a 289 V8? I have a manifold, carburetor (two-barrel), pressure container (for carb), Paxton supercharger (veritable speed pulley), large pulley and tensioner that all came from a 1957 Golden Hawk. I also have a Paxton supercharger with a V-pulley and a pressure cap for a four-barrel carburetor (but no other parts) that is supposed to have come off of a 1964 Hawk. The supercharge with the V-pulley looks like new and was covered with wrapping. All of the other parts were in storage for sometime and are dirty they will need to be rebuilt.

    I have a new set of the lower motor mounts for the front of the engine but I do not know what other parts that I need to put this in my Hawk. From the photographs it appears that for the 57 supercharger I will need a different water jacket manifold as it looks like the supercharger is mounted to the jacket. Is that correct? How is the latter model mounted on the engine also on the top middle or on the side with a bracket and who would have one?

    I have a four-barrel manifold set up for a Holly but I think that the supercharged two-barrel may be a better way to go for highway use. Thanks for any information Harry

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    The '55 to '58 Stude Parts Catalog has a drawing of the '57/'58 Golden Hawk supercharger parts. I'll scan it and send to your Email. There are a few more special parts scattered through the book; but it shows most of the setup.
    Mike M.


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      The Golden Hawk SC mount bolts to the older water manifold, which has a four bolt thermostat cover. You need that, too.
      I'd use the Golden Hawk 2bbl in the pressure box. It's a bigger than usual 2bbl.
      I think there's a visitor's car on that's an early '60's Hawk with a Golden Hawk SC setup, a 4bbl with pressure cap, and no hood bubble.
      Mike M.


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        Harry, I have run all three supercharger setups in a Hawk. It sounds like with what you have the Golden Hawk setup would require you to get the least parts. You will need the waterjacket off a Golden Hawk and the half height motor mounts. The later waterjacket off a Hawk or Lark would mount the supercharger lower, but would require some alignment to get the air box in the right place. I haven't tried it but I think if you used a later year two barrel manifold and a spacer you could get it to work. With a later year waterjacket you could use the carb bonnet you have to run a four barrel, but would need to find a pressurised carb.
        The Larks and Hawks ran the supercharger on top like the Golden Hawk just mounted lower. The Avantis and all R3s mounted the supercharger on the side. This can be done in a Hawk but you have to cut a hole in the fender for the supercharger. You would also have to buy all the parts because everything is different from the top mount supercharger.
        The two barrel is okay, but you will get much better performance from a four barrel. I cut over two seconds off my 0-60 time by switching from a Golden Hawk two barrel to an Edelbrock four barrel.
        Also you can get most of the parts you need from here:
        Side mount supercharger in my Hawk.
        Well I hope this answers most of your questions,


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          First let me thank you guys for the replies and the information that was posted here and also sent to my email, especially Mike and Bob. From that information I now know what parts I have and where they all go. Basically I have the complete set-up for the 57 Golden Hawk as David noted and I believe I will install that. However I do need a waterjacket manifold with the four-bolt thermostat mounting for a 1957 to 1958 289 engine. Can anyone assist me in obtaining one? My email
          I will try and get all the parts cleaned up and on the engine this month. Thanks again everyone for your help.