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New!!! Ray-Lin Restorations: Studebaker Technical Pages New!!!

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  • Other: New!!! Ray-Lin Restorations: Studebaker Technical Pages New!!!

    The Ray-Lin Restoration Studebaker Technical Pages are back on-line at Southern California's BCOIE Chapter's Website (Beach Cities, Orange, Inland Empire). Ray was gracious enough to allow our Chapter to post the contents of his old website on our site. Currently it is about 90% up and running. We're just waiting for a few more items to arrive. Sorry for the delay, I promised this sooner, but ran into some technical issues on the conversion. If you have any problems with the site, please let me know, thanks. Dan
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    Thanks to all who had a part in getting this back to where we can get to it. I am in the process of putting on front sheet metal. This is a help to me right now!! I will be doing wind lace and headliner (maybe) by October. there is good info here on all this. Thanks, again


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      How is Mr. Fitchorn doing? Ray is an amazing talent and I’m very grateful his work has been saved.


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        I believe he's fine and enjoying retirement. I'm just glad he allowed me to re-post his work. Dan


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          Ray has been active on Facebook, and still has several people looking for him.....
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