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  • Engine: Machinest needed

    Can anyone recommend a machinist near Riverside CA that can help me with my 259 rebuild?

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    Get your quotes locally, then PM me. Sometimes it is a better deal for us to build one of our core 259"s and send it your way.

    If building your long block is a necessity, we can do that also. Shipping from SoCal to Spokane and back is somewhat affordable if we do dock-to-dock.

    In any case, we can give you good feedback as to what should be in your quote, such as cleaning rocker shafts internally, positive valve stem seals, line honing, square decking, et al.

    jack vines


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      There are many good shops in the Fontana/Riverside area. A Google search will bring them up. Then just check the "reviews"...pretty simple. Not many will immediately know the Stude engine, but a good shop will know what to do.

      On the other hand, Jack's done many Studebaker engines. You don't need to explain anything to him. Just tell him of your requirements (use of the car, driving style), he'll get it done the way it should be done.



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        I second Mike's comments as I just retrieved my 308 CID Studebaker from Jack. You won't have any regrets as I feel he is absolutely the best when it comes to Studebaker and Packard motors.


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          I'll third the vote for Jack. While he has never done an engine for me, I have talked to him and he is the real deal when it comes to Stude engine work. The shipping from Florida to Spokane is a real killer for me to use him, but I am considering delivering it myself. Bill


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            Thanks for all the kind words. Anyone considering a project should be aware we're nearly a year out on the next delivery. There are three Packard V8s, three Studebaker V8s and a Champion 185" in the works and a full-race 259" ready to go on the dyno next week.

            We're primarily a precision machine and assembly operation; we prefer to have the owner strip all accessories and send us only the long block. We do work with a one-man northwest shop who will do turnkey engines, if that is a must.

            jack vines


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              I can't say enough good things about Jack. He has built 2 for me and I couldn't be happier.

              My first dealings with Jack occurred after a local shop that claimed they knew what to do, didn't. Once that engine was toast, I decided to go with Jack for the replacement and I have never looked back. I am even planning to have him build my Ford 351C after I get done with dads car.
              "Trying to shed my CASO ways"



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                Good information! I see Jacks name all over this fourm. I'm currently still working on my 57GH engine and am certain I will pull things together correctly. My next project will be the 57 Scotsman SW. I'm in the planning stages to install a 259 three speed OD and remove the 185. I haven't purchased an engine or trans yet so it's good to know that Jack can furnish a core. I'm not willing to overhaul and assemble an engine again because I need to spend my time getting my cars driving! Thanks everyone!