This Sunday's (June 17) will feature three feature articles on the Avanti and Raymond Loewy, in commemoration of the automobile's 50th anniversary.
They are all posted now on the newspaper's website and offer text and commentary from Studebaker National Museum archivist Andrew Beckman and AOAI president John Hull.

A Classic From Loewy's Portfolio
New York Times

The Avanti's origins are wrapped in legend, thanks to one of the greatest
sources of legends in the world of design, Raymond Loewy. The work of
Loewy, ...


From Savior to Orphan
New York Times

Raymond Loewy, the celebrated industrial designer, directed the development
of its extraterrestrial styling. Even so, the Avanti has not appreciated in


A Maker's Beloved Designs
New York Times

STUDEBAKER hired Raymond Loewy in 1936, who then brought in top talent like
Virgil Exner from Pontiac and later, Gordon Buehrig, a designer for Auburn,