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Indiana Jones and the Lost Gran Turismo (Searching for a '64 Hawk)

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  • Indiana Jones and the Lost Gran Turismo (Searching for a '64 Hawk)

    Thank you everyone for their help!

    On the hunt for a 1964 white studebaker hawk, it's very sentimental was with the family from '64-'01, I now know that it was sold to someone in Virgina in 2007! And that's the end of my cookie trail!
    trail! Any leads help!
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    Hello! I need help tracking down a 1964 white studebaker hawk with blue/green interior. It was bought back in 1964 by great grandma, it stayed with the family until 2001 when it was sold in massachusetts to get restored, and then sold again (this is where it got lost) around 2006. I have the serial/vin number for it. It's a really sentimental car. If anyone can help or thinks they might have it I would love to get in touch! Not looking to buy unless willing to sell, truly just want to know where it's ended up!
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      Welcome to the SDC Forum Amy!

      I am pretty sure it's safe to Post the Serial Number here, it's not a License Number, and you don't own it so no worries, no one can steal it.

      We do have quite a few owners right here of '64 Gran Turismo Hawks one of whom MAY own it, plus there are a LOT More SDC Members who read our Monthly Publication Turning Wheels where someone might be able to help Post it to locate it.

      The Original Interiors did come in Quite Green or Quite Blue, but not Blue/Green, just a visual thing for some people with Blues and Greens.
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        Thank you so much for your response! I'll edit this past to include the serial number/vin for it, hopefully that won't upset the owner of it.
        ​​​​​​Thank you again!


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          Welcome to the forum

          There are several avenues to pursue finding Great Grandma's car.

          1. You mentioned you kept track of the car until 2006 when the trail grew cold. Go to the last point of contact and call or email that person or family to see if they can help with further information.

          2. On the main page if you go to contacts and click the drop down you will see Massachusetts has a local chapter, the Ocean Bay chapter with all the offices and points of contact. They may know the current owner, although it is possible that the owner is not a member of the local chapter. If they do know the current owner, or previous owner this will be great.

          3 This may be the another way; the last roster was published in 2018. It is in state by state order and contains all members of SDC. Many people list their cars so going through the roster you can pick out all the owners of 1964 GT Hawks in the state of Massachusetts. If you want to purchase a roster, you can do that on the home page.

          Good luck! You could title your search "Indiana Jones and the Lost Gran Turismo" If you do find the car, be sure to join the Studebaker Drivers Club. You will find many will people to help you maintain and keep the car. The Turning Wheels magazine comes once a month and is a cracker jack (boy am I showing my age) publication that lists chapter events. It is a good time when we can get together for stories and usually food. SDC sometime stands for Studebaker Diners Club

          Bob Miles
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            That's brilliant! I adore it! We just got confirmation that its last known state was Virgina!


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              Welcome to the Forum KiralyneVadasz ! I hope we can help lead you to your Holy Grail I've merged your two threads and moved them to the discussion area, where the topic will get more visibility. Good luck in your search!

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                Is there a 64 GT registry?
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                  There no registry that I've found unfortunately


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                    The 2008-2009 SDC Roster lists three 1964 Hawks in Virginia: (1) Richard Danko in Chesapeake, (2) Joseph Mertz in Chesapeake, and (3) Michael Sullivan in Madison Heights. None of the three is listed in the 2015 SDC Roster.


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                      My guess is the interior was green because it is close to teal. The blue that year was unmistakably blue.
                      My '62 is white/green - I get as many compliments on the interior color as the rest of the car.

                      Peter Bishop compiled a sizable registry of '62-'64 GT Hawks a few years back.
                      The registry page is inactive, but maybe his email link might help.


                      Good luck in your search.
                      If ever you are amenable to a substitute for the actual one, this forum and Turning Wheels publication are great places to look.
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                        I emailed him just a few hours ago actually! Just waiting on a response, thank you all for all the help!


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                          good luck tracking down that car. I bought and restored a 63 GT Hawk from an original owner who was a founding member of the local car club I belong too. After he passed, I left the car; fully & expensively restored, in front of the funeral home. Upon the exiting from the family, most rushed over to touch the car and tear up. When they learned I purchased and restored the car, each and every one of the family hugged me and thanked me with tearful eyes. A few years later at a car show, 3 family members met up with me when I was receiving a 1st place.
                          So, I understand your emotional attachment. Keep us updated and when you find the car, share photos.


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                            Any update? Just a bump to keep the topic going. Anyone in Virginia on the forum?

                            Bob Miles


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                              No luck yet, a few possible ones popped up but the vins don't match. It truly could be anywhere!
                              I'm keeping the faith up!!!