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opinions/experiences on AGM vs flooded cell batteries?

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  • Electrical: opinions/experiences on AGM vs flooded cell batteries?

    So the Stude needs a new battery...any thoughts or opinions on AGM technology vs good old fashioned flooded cell batteries? What's your real-world experience? The more I read the confused-er I gits. Thanks, Junior
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    Lot's to read on batteries...

    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Optimas work very well, but if you want the Original look you need to go elsewhere, other AGMs ARE out there and Out Power and Outlast any Lead Acid Battery.
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        I tried Optima batteries twice and was disappointed both times. Very expensive and very disappointing life expectancy. If you go with an AGM batt, make sure you carry the correct charger to recharge it, should you ever leave your lights on or something and run it down. You are likely to burn out your alternator trying to recharge an AGM after a jump start and many battery chargers won't work on them. All my vehicles use flooded cells now, including the two in my diesel truck.


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          I have 2 vehicles with Optima batteries. One is my 62 Champ that I drive at least once a week. The other is in my 93 Ford Ranger that right now I just use to level weeds, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. The Ranger sits for at least a month at a time yet starts right up. I get my batteries at the Long Beach Performance Swap meet for around $60.00. They are "too old" to sell at regular retail (usually 2 or 3 years old from manufacturing date) but the last one I had lasted 10 years before it went kaput.
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            I've had mixed luck with Optimas...they seem to do better on cars that sit a lot when connected to a battery tender. A lot of discharge and recharge cycles don't seem to be good for them...the red top Optimas anyway. When they crap out...they crap out suddenly.

            If you want a standard shaped battery that's AGM, Auto Zone sells one.
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              I have had about 8 optima batteries. Had one go south early, but Sam's Club replaced it; no questions asked.

              I have a yellow top in an electric lawn mower that has been used and abused (sitting all winter every winter) and it is still going strong after 10 years!!!!!

              I have read multiple posts on line about recent ones being inferior quality.
              Don't know if that is true.
              Even if they didn't last any longer than a wet cell (which they have, at least for me) I would pay the premium just to be leak proof.


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                Jeff, could be a problem with Me here - but I click on and get "sorry no match found"

                Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK View Post
                Joseph R. Zeiger


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                  Originally posted by 63t-cab View Post
                  Jeff, could be a problem with Me here - but I click on and get "sorry no match found"

                  no, not just you, but me too. I tried searching before posting and only got 1 hit....and that was specifically "AGM batteries" which lead to an Avanti post. then tried "optima" and got 11 hits...while reading those posts came across a different post from the 'Avanti' post that also had "AGM batteries" in it...thus further supporting my (and other's) opinion that the forum search tool leaves something to be desired. Usually I search with google for forum posts but on the day of the OP google was just directing me to the SDC forum in general. cheers, Junior
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                    Thanks for input on my OP. I'm thinking the CASO in me has taken over and I'll stick with the old-school flooded cell battery. Usually batteries around my climate last a looong time...for example I replaced the original factory battery in my daughter's car last fall. Her car is a 2003 and the battery build month was oct 13 years from the factory Delco was awesome. The battery I'm replacing in the Stude was installed about 3 years before I got the car, which was 13 years no complaints about it's life either! Cheers, Junior
                    1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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                      If you have a choice, there really is no choice.

                      Look at your battery box and the surrounding area and ask your self if you want to put another leaky bucket of acid there.

                      Only an AGM for me.

                      I have been using them in Harley's for years with great results, so good I would not consider using a wet battery in one.


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                        My NAPA old school battery has been working fine for about 7 years, hasn't peed a drop on my battery tray and works every time I need it. To be fair though, I keep it on a Battery Minder (not Battery Tender) if it's going to sit for more than a month or so. I'm sold on the Battery Minder technology.


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                          50-50 on Optima 6volt. One so-so luck, one "extremely" good luck. Can sit for months, no charger, it will fire the wagon engine without problem.
                          Bought a new 12 volt for my driver wagon, we'll see what happens.



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                            I am sold on the AGM technology. Had them in my bass boat charged again and again lasted almost 5 years. No vapors while charging is a real plus. Have had them in 3 different cars now and they have been dependable and lasted well. They cost more, but worth it in my opinion.
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                              Originally posted by TrickyRick View Post

                              ...Look at your battery box and the surrounding area and ask your self if you want to put another leaky bucket of acid there...
                              Typically I would agree with you...but in this case the Stude's battery sits in a aftermarket plastic battery box...has for the last 30+ years with no issue. My daughters battery in her 2003 Saturn resides in the spare tirewell of her trunk and is vented through the floor. That spare tirewell looks factory-fresh today so I'm wondering if there is that much of an issue with modern flooded cell batteries? cheers, Junior
                              1954 C5 Hamilton car.