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Flight-O-matic pan gasket

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Flight-O-matic pan gasket

    After finally getting back to my flight-o-matic oil leaking problem at the shift shaft and correcting that, I find another small (but annoying) leak at the trans. The oil pan just doesn't want to seal. I've replaced the pan gasket with a new rubber one, checked the pan rails for straightness and tried silicone and no silicone. It still seeps about one to two drops of atf a day. Some may put up with that amount but I don't!
    My question; does any vender sell a cork gasket? OK, found a cork gasket at NAPA, I'll try that. Thanks those who responded to my question and had additional advice on this deal. It looks to me I had better try a little more detective work to make sure the pan gasket is the cause. I guess I haven't so far because I now have the shift shaft and the kick down seals working and not leaking anymore. Thought that would take care of all my leaks, maybe not! Thanks to all who replied to my question! Steve (Kustommusic) Greer
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    Is the pan bent on the sealing surface? Have you got a flat surface or a straight edge that you can use to test the pan? Are there any little bits of crud anywhere on the sealing surfaces that would keep the pan from sitting flat/close to the transmission body?

    I'm surprised that silicone did not work.

    Are you certain that the leak is coming from the pan and not from somewhere else?
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      Often the the small Cork Oval shaped Gasket covering the Speed/Shift Control Governor Hole is the culprit, but it is farther back than the Pan however.

      Studebaker Vendors have older stock original type Cork gaskets, but I have never known them to work any better, usually worse.

      FelPro makes a Combination Cork and Neoprene Gasket that is very Good.
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        I've seen leaks like this start at the front pump/ seal area and travel along pan to rear to drip. need to watch for leak to start after engine shut down. Luck Doofus


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          Wash the pan off and dry and then watch for a small leak. In my case, the seepage appeared to be on the passenger side in the area of the fill tube holding tab. It was only when I removed the pan and cleaned the inside and then put some solvent in the pan, did I find the leak. One of the spot welds for that fill tube tab, had a pinhole in the centre. That leak had been there since the car left the factory! After the spot weld was rewarded, no more leak from the pan.