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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Overdrive modification

    have 1950 starlight champ. OD does not work. Relay bad. would like modify system such
    that I could install switch on shifter and select OD when I want to(on or off). can I bypass all
    the electrics and merely connect solenoid to the new switch and switch to hot lead.?? functions
    by merely letting up on gas(any gear), toggle switch to force solenoid and be on my way. would
    I have to go through a relay(or a solenoid) as I would want to go to the IGN lead so this thing
    is not on all the time??? would fuse it of course. would appreciate ideas as I have feeling other
    electrical parts of OD may be questionable. Kickdown is good though. I remember doing this with
    my Austin Healeys "back in the day" and I liked the control ....

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    Just replace the kickdown switch under the accelerator with a press button inside. I did this with my '39 while I found a kickdown switch.


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      HI...thanx for the reply. but..I have a few problems. 1. relay is bad 2. would like to skip around govenor, 3. simplfy system so

      it gets a litle more complicated. if all functioned, I could just move the good kickdown into the cab and be done with it.thanx again.


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        Back in the day I ran one with a toggle switch feeding direct to the solenoid. Nowdays I'd probably use a standard Bosch automotive relay.


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          There's a good reason for the governor. Do a search about the dangers of backing up with the solenoid engaged.

          jack vines


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            Double pole double throw switch momentary contact switch.... I'm looking at using a double pole double throw relay so that I can control the kickdown from multiple low voltage momentary contact switches.


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              Depends on the transmission on the backing up problem. some OD's had a mechanical backup lockout. I thought I had a tranny problem once because I tried to backup with the OD engaged. Finally realized I had the OD on. (Single wire to soleniod). switched it off, went forward a couple feet, good to go....