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My Lark runs like a Ford.....Help....Please

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  • My Lark runs like a Ford.....Help....Please

    Once my Lark goes out on a trip (about 4 miles) when I get to a stop sign it stalls and run rough. The dwell is at 45 degrees at 600 rpm. Timing is on. I checked in the dark and no spark with the plug wires. Battery and generator are good. Oil pressure is fine. New carb, new intake manifold and exhaust manifold, along with a new heat riser (stuck heat riser was problem #1). When it stalls at a complete stop, it starts out ok. Once I am moving it runs very well. The only thing I can think of is that it has a fuel pump on the motor which is working well and it has an electric fuel pump. I disconnected the electric one. Would this be restricting fuel enough at an idle for it to stall out or should I be going in a different direction? Should I check the compression? Please advise your thoughts. It is a 62 Lark with a 6 cyl and an automatic. Thank you.

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    I am confused (easily done ) as you state there is no spark but then talk about fuel issues. Do you have spark when it happens or is it possible the coil is breaking down when it gets hot?

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      What I meant was that I have no arc or spark jumping between the wires. Plugs seem to be firing and working correctly.


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        what about your vacuum? almost sounds like a vacuum leak.
        check your vacuum. if it is good go ahead a set your carb with the vacuum gauge to peak vacuum. you vacuum advance could have a leak so check it too.

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          How do I check the vacuum? Do I need a special tool?
          Where do I find this discussed in the shop manual?