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  • Steering: t cab steering

    Anyone know of a brand x steering box that will adapt to a 60 62 t cab with a stude v8 hopefully not a rack. thanks jim

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    I remember seeing a Champ in Turning Wheels a couple years ago that had a Mercedes power steering box & pump in it. I have one from a 123 chassis MB here to try but havent had the time yet to attempt the swap. From all appearances it looks like it could almost bolt in- even the depth & angle of the pitman arm looks doable. The other plus is it has only 2 hoses so its alot simpler than what Studebaker was using at the time. If the taper for the tie rod end is close, then that could be reamed out to match. Then the only thing left would be the steering column with one from a company like Ididit or such.
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      Were you looking for power steering or just a different manual steering? May sound like a dumb question, but I did not see the info in you post.

      Warren and Jim, If the biggest issue is the taper of the ball joint, that can easily be remedied by welding up the MB hole and drilling and tapering the new material. Pretty simple. I know a good welder fully capable of welding the pitman arm.
      I would even trust my welding buddy Jim L. to cut off tthe whole end of the Stude pitman and weld it onto the MB pitman arm. I trust his welds as much as the ball joint ends personally.

      BTW, even a stock steering column can be adapted to fit the MB box so you can keep your shift linkage stock. Try to get the MB steering column or at least the very end of it when getting the steering box. You can easily make an adapter or weld the end onto your shaft.

      I see people who act afraid of welded pieces especially in steering components, but even a 100+ story high rise is help together with welds. Welds when done right are what make things strong and safe. JMHO


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        Use the Stude column and put in a U-joint