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  • Steering: Bench Test

    Is there a way to bench test the front end components before mounting on the car?
    I have a few assembled control arms, kingpins etc... pulled from cars, one 59 V8, one 62 VI and the pair that is on the car, a 59 Lark VI. The original passenger side appears to have a camber adjustment that is too far out of spec so I was wondering if I changed both sides for others that were closer to spec and in better condition could I bench test them before I installed them with out having to strip them down to individual components. If I have to go as far as the individual components what should I look for as far as wear and tolerances go? The car has those shims under the control arms and I have had the whole front end apart a while back and was also wondering if I installed them in the wrong location? Any advice not matter how trivial will be greatly appreciated as a new set of tires will be needed and I would like it right before I wear another front one out. I have not had the car aligned because of time and the passenger side has a more movement, like a wheel bearing feel, but all wheel bearings are new and I can see movement in the kingpin. What to do?
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    Let me put it another way. I have not rebuilt a front end with used parts before and want to know what is the best way to go about it with used parts. What is acceptable wear and what will and will not work together. I have the later and earlier parts. What can not go together and what can to make the best front end? What wear is to much and once taken apart what parts must not be reused? Should I get it aligned first and see whats wrong?


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      Assume the black rubber bushings that connect the upper and lower A frames to the frame need replaced. The bushings and bearings inside the kingpins need replaced. Unless the connectors between the control arms are sloppy, they should be OK. The upper trunnions probably need replaced, too.

      Clean everything down to metal, choose the best looking pieces and put them together.

      As serious search here should find detailed instructions for replacing all worn components.