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289 V-8 vs. a Straight 6- 1962 Champ

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  • Engine: 289 V-8 vs. a Straight 6- 1962 Champ

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas on which would be better, as both are an option, I'm just not sure which would be better for the truck, when it's done, it'll be a daily driver. The straight six is what came in the truck, I believe it to be original, and the 289 V-8 is a studebaker V-8. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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    Not even question - go with the V8. You'll have twice the power and reliability and the same fuel economy.

    jack vines


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      In general I'm a fan of inline-6's, but Studebakers' OHV-6 doesn't have a great reputation (prone to cracked heads) and not alot of power. The 289 V-8 is a wonderfully dependable and powerful motor. Jack Vines is right, in this case go with the V-8. Also, if your truck has overdrive it will make it a great daily driver.

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        It's not a terribly complicated swap. There are some drive-train issues that are no-brainers. Do a complete drive-train swap if possible (transmission, motor mounts, etc.). MOST IMPORTANT! With the stronger engine, you need stronger brakes! Get yourself a shop manual and chassis catalog for the truck.
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          I have a Lark and am doing a V8 swap in place of the six and it will be a normal Stude to me again as this is the only six cylinder Stude I have owned. It came with a Flathead, I swapped in an OHV six and now I'm going to the 8. I have had a Champ with an 8 and don't see how it could be driven very far or long with a six as the 8 is so sturdy. Of course I have up graded all the suspension and brakes to be better than the standard 8 would have been.