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Dana 44 rear end

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  • Dana 44 rear end

    Hello Everyone!

    I think I have a Dana 44 in my 57 Hawk. There seems to be quite a bit of play in the system when I rotate the driveshaft back & forth. I don't know whats normal for that vehicle. When I put it in gear it goes "Kerplunk" kinda hard. I have idled the engine down ( it was too fast anyway) & that has helped but it still hits harder than I would like. The book says that the transmission control pressure might be too high or the band adjusted too tight, and that can contribute to this problem as well. There are two questions I have. 1)--Does anyone have any experience with this problem? and 2) Is there any adjustment in the differential for this "slack" in the drivetrain or is finding another rear end my only choice?
    As always----Thanks in advance----Dan

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    Are you sure that your universal joint is not going bad?


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      The U-joints seem ok----Dan