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Avanti Radio

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  • Avanti Radio

    The radio in my 63 Avanti does not work. Where can I find information on how to remove it from the dash?. Secondly, are they worth fixing and if not what are the replacement alternatives. I preferr to keep it as original as possible. Floyd Jaehnert

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    A/C or not?


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      Try this,


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        there are two answers to the question "is rebuilding the radio worth it?"
        A. of course not! With careful measuring, you can get any number of modern, smaller (easier to install), better fidelity and power, and features that were not even dreamable in the early '60s.
        B. Absolutely! While the modern radios are clearly superior in any objective standard, there is subjective pleasure in using the original radio to create the original sound in your vintage ride. It also increases the value of your ride.

        I decided that argument "B" trumped everything, including convenience. you can get detailed schematics for both the Am and the AM/FM radio, and old books, e.g. SAMs, on how to do it. You will need a hobbiest soldering kit, e.g. Radio Shack, and a multimeter (digital is easiest, and now these days) As for me, due to my travel and work schedule, I farmed it out to "the wonderbarman". He comes highly regarded, but his waiting time is long.

        also, I am in the process of replacing the original speakers (torn or missing) with modern as I did not have cores to rebuild. I will write on impedance matching when I get all together and ensure that it all works.

        Terry, North Texas
        1963 Avanti R2, 63SR1065
        (in stage 1 resto "Project A")
        1985 Kubota L2202(Diesel)
        2000 VW Jetta GLS
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          There are about 7 electrolytic capacitors in the usual Avanti AM radio. I replaced all of them, in mine. There were some bad solder joints, too.
          The case of the big output transistor, on the back, is electrically +V. It, and the heatsink it's bolted to, are isolated from the radio chassis by little nylon spacers. I used heatsink compound from Radio Shack on the transistor.
          I found original front speakers on Ebay. I'm using one in the rear, too; because I haven't found an original rear speaker, yet. The speakers SI sells would fit well; but they are 4 ohm. I won't use them with the 10 ohm radio. It's a matter of drawing way too much current through the output transistor, which is already getting hot working into 10 ohms. It's also a matter of getting the authentic sound.
          Ten ohm speakers show up on Ebay:
 . I don't know if these particular speakers will fit. The paper cone in original speakers can be replaced.
          Some Avanti II's with the Stude dash, used a front speaker grill with exposed screws. I don't like the look, and haven't changed mine; but it would be much easier to work with than the Stude grill.
          Mike M.


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            Alan: I have a 1963 R-2 with after market air per the Peter Sant method. Any help you could give in regard to removing the radio would be appreciated.


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              The radio can be removed through the speaker opening. First get a light so you can see what you are doing. Remove the right hand console panel from the air conditioning unit. On the right side of the radio there is a rear supporting strap that must be disconected. Some of the later radios had a capscrew that went up through the bottom of the dashboard. Remove the tuning knob, tone control knobs and 2 hex nuts. Now push the radio back in on top of the air conditioner. The speaker and grille are are held in place by 4 nuts, one in each corner, remove these, remove the grille from the dashboard and remove the speaker. You will notice the speaker hole in the dashboard is considerably smaller than the grille. Carefully cut some material from the front and sides of this opening, and the radio will come up and out through this hole.
              Sams Photofact Auto Radio No. AR-24 is the repairmans bible for these radios. Besides all this information, examination will show that Chevrolet 1964 model #985877 AM/FM will bolt in to the Avanti dash and putting back the Avanti bezel no one would know the difference. The 65 Corvair AM is also similar to the Avanti. Problem is the 63-65 GM AM/FM radios are getting as hard to find as Avantis.


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                I have two Avanti radios and neither of which I will end up keeping in
                the car. A new stereo is down the road a ways, the AM/FM one in the
                car works as well as can be expected (though no reception since my car
                cover broke my antenna off).

                I also have the original AM radio, I dont know if it works :


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                  Chuck: A belated thank you for your reply and the directions for removing my Avanti Radio. Floyd