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52 into a 51 bullet nose

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  • 52 into a 51 bullet nose

    Hi I am new to studebakers, i fell for them after i saw my uncles 59 and 61 hawks. i cant afford one but i found a nice 52 champion for a good price but love the 50 and 51 bullet nose.

    I found a 51 for parts

    question how hard would it be to put a 50 or 51 bullet nose on a 52

    thanks. p.s i live in michigan and do not see many studs around.. also any good places for body parts?


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    Without any direct experience, I would assume that the front clips would be interchangeable. If you find a 50, make sure it's a Champion, the Commander is different. In 51 they are the same.

    Tom Bredehoft
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      I was thinking of doing the same thing to my 52 Commander, but I decided to keep it as a 52. I think the 51 front clip will bolt on, but I don't think that either the 50 Champion or 50 Commander front clips will work. They both had different wheelbases than the 51-52.

      Leonard Shepherd, editor, The Commanding Leader, Central Virginia Chapter,


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        There have been a few 52 K body (hardtop) cars converted to bulletnoses with the 51 front end. Very nice looking. If you like the look of the 50, you can use a 51 front clip and a 50 bullet.


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          Leonard is correct; only the '51 clip will work and it requires everything from the cowl forward.

          Brad Johnson
          Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
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            Where in Mi?


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              I tested that once years ago. If memory serves me; the fifty inner-panels bolt together a little different, and a fifty-one will fall right on -- as long as we're talkin' Champion. RR

              Faster than a rusting bullet... Gopher Grove, CA


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                50 inner fenders will not work on 51 52 cars been there done that.

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                  quote:Originally posted by ST2DE5

                  50 inner fenders will not work on 51 52 cars been there done that.
                  Is that because of the move away from rotary to tubular shocks and the accompanying suspension structure in the bigger ones, or is it just the wheelbase differences?

                  off topic but related additional question:
                  BTW, Classic Enterprises told me that the rockers are the same for a Commander and a Land Cruiser in 1950, and that the extra 4" of wheelbase on the Land Cruiser is all in the front end. I thought the rear doors with the extra wing vent were the spot where the extra wheelbase was added. Does anybody here have a definitive answer before I order rocker panels?


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                    quote:Originally posted by 3rdGenStude
                    I thought the rear doors with the extra wing vent were the spot where the extra wheelbase was added.

                    Yes, the extra length is in the rear doors, not the front end. The 50 Land Cruisers were the longest postwar cars Stude made (124 in wheel base) and the front ends are longer, but that has no effect on the rocker panels.



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                      i live in macomb, near mtclemens or 45 minutes northeast of detroit