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Rear Freeze Plug?

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  • Rear Freeze Plug?

    I have the engine out of my 62 Hawk, V-8 to replace the freeze plugs and oil seals. We cleaned out the engine water passages and replace all six (6) of the freeze plugs on the sides of the engine. Looking on the back of the engine, next to the camshaft end, we see what appears to be a freeze plug. Does this go to the water jacket or someplace else. If it is a freeze plug, I would like to go ahead and replace it before we put the engine back in. If its to the oil gallery, then we won't worry about it. Any Ideas??
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    It goes to the dist. hole. It blocks an oil galley plug inside the dist hole. So, you don't need to worry about it. You do need to worry about the two 1/4" pipe plugs at the back of the block in line with the freeze plugs. They corrode and will eventually leak. I drilled mine out, and replaced with brass plugs. Just a thought.


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      Had one leak on a '42 Commander back in it's day. Uncle's garage removed the carpeting, cut a hole in the fire wall replaced the freeze plug. patched the hole, problem solved. It beat pulling the motor.


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        That "freeze plug" IS at the end of the camshaft. Unless it's rusty/corroded and/or leaking, it should be ok. It is NOT part of the cooling system. Hope this helps.

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