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R1 Hawk disc vs 72 Avanti ll

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  • R1 Hawk disc vs 72 Avanti ll

    Hello guys:

    After setting for 23 years the brakes on my son's 72 Avanti are frozen. The wheels turn but we have a hard pedal with no braking after swapping the master cylinder.

    10 years ago I overhauled the brakes on my 63 R1, but soon stopped driving it because of a bad rod bearing. I used silicone brake fluid in it and assume that they are still serviceable.

    Are the brakes systems at the wheels the same between the two cars? I'm nearly certain the front brakes are interchangeable, but what about the rears?

    Kevin Edwards

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    The 72 Avanti II has Studebaker front disk brakes and Chrysler/GM style, self energizing, brakes on the rear. They changed to these in late 70 or shortly after bringing out the RQB series.

    Since the axle is the same Dana 44, I believe you could bolt everything from the R1 right up. Everything means "from the backing plate out"

    It would be a lot less work, to just overhaul the brake cylinders on the 72. IMHO, once you start picking a car apart, you've sentenced it to die a slow death...

    Bob Johnstone
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)


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      Thank you for the response. Great information. I thought I would be able to just swap out the front calipers.

      I'll heed your advice and just steal the front calipers and replace the rears with parts from a vendor or Napa. The Hawk will be getting a full restoration and is next in line. Mike's Avanti is for now just becoming ambulatory, work out some bugs and then Driver paint and interior before his senior year.

      Any idea of the part number or application to ask for? Also, do you know what Chevy the original 400 was slotted for, and where I can find a vacuum diagram for it.


      Kevin Edwards