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49 champion front suspension

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  • 49 champion front suspension

    Posted - 08/11/2006 : 10:39:15 PM

    I finally found the front suspension after chipping away a fantastic amount of dirt and grease on a '49 champion. I now have reached the point of standing and staring at it not really knowing what to do next.
    I am taking my first crack at a restoration/rat and my budget is about as tight as any student. I am going to put in a 4.3L and I am wondering if there any advice for front suspension options??
    I have started researching MustangII (expensive) and haven't had much luck asking around about rebuilding whats there already. The tie rod ends are shot all the bushings are at various stages of turning into powder. So if anybody has any suggestions or swap secrets that will get the car rolling as cheap as possible and help me get back on track that would be great. Thx

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    AMC Pacer, it has GM rack and pinion, available with disc brakes and four bolts and bushings to frame. Check it out.

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