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Help with floorboard

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  • Help with floorboard


    I posted a topic here awhile back with having problems with my newly purchased 1961 lark four door sedan not starting. I am please to say with all of your help that it is running like a top now. Over the past few months I have been working on all the mechanical and electrical and have been able to get everything working.

    I am now facing the time consuming task of haveing to work on the cosmetics, mainly the front driver side floor board. When I removed the black rubber mat from the entire floor I saw the damaged that had been done. There is a great deal of rust and rot near the gas pedal and around the break pedal. The holes range anywhere beteewn .5" to 1" in diameter and there is three of them. In fact one of the holes is a result or rust going around where the gas pedal was attached to the floorboard. I would like to be able to just cut out that whole drivers section and weld a new section in.

    I am seeking any kind of help or suggestions ( besides scrapping it [ ) as to how to repair theses holes. Does anyone out there make any prefabricated sheet steal that I could weld on or would I have to make my own? Or is there any other way other than welding?

    *** Also I if anyone has any leads as to where I could find the small circuliar white face clock, that goes in the dash between the speedo and guages, please let me know. It doesn't have to be in working order but does have to be complete and in reasonably good condition.

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    Try Classic Enterprises as I think they are doing a lot of repop work on floors, though I have not checked on your particular model. Back in the day I would use any flat metal (read real estate and street signs) and just pop rivet them into the floors. If restoring a vehicle, you will want to go with more of a factory look.

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      I've even heard of people using the lids from Whip Cream containers and fiberglassing them in over holes... [:0]

      Pop riveting old signs works perdy good though. [^]

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        Here's what you need.

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