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lower control arm

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  • lower control arm

    Hi everyone.

    I have a 1955 Champion and I am in the process of re-doing the front suspension. I have the coil spring out, the upper conrol arm off and am working on the lower control arm. The shop manual refers to removing "a tapered lock pin by driving it upward with a suitable pin punch."

    I want to double check with everyone that this is the correct procdure becuase after a few striks with the punch, I have not succeeding in budging the lock pin.

    Thanks in advance. Oh, and thanks for the information available here which allowed me to remove the coil spring without any serious bodily injury.

    P.S. If any of you are in Southern Caliornia, I am in Temple City.

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    It's VERY tight.

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      so just keep smacking away until it budges?


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        yeah, pretty much.

        The new trunnions come with a new lock pin anyway, so it's no biggie. I did have to save one once and it was a frustrating experience (had a good trunnion but the lock pin had sheared as the trunnion hadn't been lubed in years...) If you are not replacing the trunnion and the lock pin isn't busted, there is absolutely no need to remove that lock pin, so I would leave it alone


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          If you are not going to re-use those pieces don't worry about them, what I do is put the car on a hoist and use the cars weight to push the pin out. They will usualy have 3 or 4 spots on the top that are peened deeply with a big center punch. The one I first took out 30 some years ago when the a-arm cracked on my 53K I put in a 20 ton press and it bent a 1/2" diam. steel bar trying to push it out.