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good mufflers for flathead six with dual exhaust?

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  • good mufflers for flathead six with dual exhaust?

    I'd love some opinions here. Pretty soon I'll have a more powerful 1955 flathead six (builder says could be close to 200 h.p. but I'm paying for a dyno just to find out how much he is able to do with that 92 hp motor). Since it will have the dual headers made by Bill Cathcart, I will need to have dual exhaust and two mufflers.

    This is for a truck, which I will sound-deaden on the interior as much as possible. I want dual mufflers that will best show off the sounds produced by the Studebaker champion six, and Bill Cathcart recommended Smithy's. I notice they come in three lengths, so even that is going to be subjective.

    I have heard they are steel packed, and are lower in tone than the glass-packed cherry bombs, which, from what I have read, may have a rather annoying high "rap". I certainly don't want to annoy anyone, but would rather them think highly of the "Studebaker sound". Also, I like the idea presented by someone on an old newsgroup thread, to get mufflers that quiet down for driving comfort when you reach highway rpm, when there is no one around to impress.


    1955 1/2 Ton Pickup

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    I think that your engine builder will be doing excellent if the engine reaches 175 HP, assuming it is normally aspirated.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

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      Yeah, I'm not convinced it can get 200 hp (although it will have 2 Carter WE carbs on a dual intake), so that's why I'm asking him to dyno it. Back to the question at hand: muffler recommendations?

      Paul Simpson

      1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
      The Red-Headed Amazon
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        ARC makes a stainless steel muffler that you can buy for about $35-40 at any Kragen or Pep Boys. The length of the pipe the diam. of the pipe will all make a difference in the sound. Keep it fairly quiet but when you back off in second gear it will wake up the troops.