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tach wire setup

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  • tach wire setup

    55 stude speedster, can anyone provide a wiring diagram for the tach cable in my speedster. ther are three wires pulled out of bothe ends of the cable that goes thru the dash connecting the tach to the sending unit, the wires are not color coded or at least I can't see any color to them. there are 2 prongs clost togeather and one alone.

    Thanks in advance


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      also try



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        I am also trying to restore the use of my original tachometer in my Speedster. I have assembled all of the pieces to make it all work - EXCEPT the two little clips that hold the dist. cap and sender to the distributor. I have learned that these little spring steel clips attach to the spring clips on the distributor as 'extensions' and these hold the entire assembly to the distributor. Does anyone have some of these clips or know where I might find them?

        Jim W.

        James D. Wilkerson


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          Does anyone know if it is safe or possible to 'bench test' these tachometers? I'd like to test it before I it all back together. Can I apply 6V or perhaps less to test the tach unit?


          James D. Wilkerson