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power steering leaks

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  • power steering leaks


    I have a 63 Avanti with a leaky power steering control valve. It leaks by the output shaft to the pitmann arm (?). I cannot figure how to get the pitmann arm off and need seals for the control valve. I also bought some replacement hoses from a leading Stude vendor and they leak around the seats to the control valve. I don't see any scratches or reason for them to leak. Any help or advice for repairs or replacement parts would be appreciated.


    Mike B

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    You don't need to take the pitman arm off. You can just take the cap of the end of the control valve(covers adjustment) and then take off the center nut and pull the spool out, the seals are at each end of the spool. Make sure you put the seals in the right way.

    Are you using a tubing wrench to tighten the hoses to the control valve?



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      Used to be when I was taking apart brake lines and power steering hoses, anything with a flare fitting, I could never figure out why they were so darned hard to loosen. I was wondering if the person who put them in was a little too ambitious. Then I put new brake lines in my own car and realized that the flare fitting is somewhat fussy. You have to horse those babies down or you are going to be seeing leaks. The only way to do it is with one of those special tubing wrenches. Anything else will round off the nut. Good luck.
      Tim K.
      Tim K.
      \'64 R2 GT Hawk


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        The flared ends, on the power steering hoses, seat against replacable aluminum rings in the control valve. If those are chewed up, it will be hard to get a good seal. I suspect the rings are standard hardware; but I don't know where to get them. Mine were only slightly damaged; so I left them alone.
        It does help to remove the whole control valve from the car and install the hoses on a bench. You can thread them back in place when you reinstall the valve; and tighten the pump and ram ends on the car, much easier than the ends at the valve. I removed the valve with the pitman arm and reach rod as described in the manual. It wasn't that hard to do. I would rather work on the valve on a bench than under the car.
        Mike M.


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          does anyone know where to get replacement seals?


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            Studebaker International should have them. In fact, I'd think any of the big vendors would carry them.

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              Does anyone know where I can get a replacement valve. I replaced seals and installed correctly and it still leaks and think this valve is just plain worn out from over 250K miles of driving. I give up, would rather replace it at this point if I can find a replacement.

              Also does anyone know where to get replacement hoses seats? Thanks for your help in advance.



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                Check with the vendors that have junk/salvage cars and get a complete reach rod, pitman arm, control valve assembly, rebuild it and replace the one presently in the car. Or, you may consider just replacing the control valve, it screws off the reach rod I think and some late 50's cars like Ford Thunderbirds used the same valve.
                Tim K.
                Tim K.
                \'64 R2 GT Hawk


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                  62 Ford Fairlane and early Mustangs used the same power ram and control setup