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Turn Signal flasher

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  • Turn Signal flasher

    I'm attempting to improve my 51"s tail/turn/stop safety by installing a second bulb in the fixture, both 1154's. That gives me 6candlepower for tail, 41candlepower for turn/stop. My 'standard' thermal flasher can't seem to handle the load, cycling verrrrrry slowly. I understand that an electronic or electromechanical unit would take the load, but I can't find a 6 volt unit. I understand NAPA has/had them, but the local store denys that. Anyone know of a source??

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    Hmmmmm.... adding more load to that flasher should make it flash faster![B)] Might be just THAT particular flasher going goofy on ya[xx(] Have you tried another unit?[?]

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      Actually when you lose a bulb,(thereby reducing the load) most flashers go faster. So when you add more load through the circuit, the bimetallic strip takes longer to heat up, slowing the cycle. I took one of the bulbs out of the circuit and sure enough, it cycled faster (normally).

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