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T-cab booster

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  • T-cab booster

    Just bought an 8" chromed dual diaphram booster with powder coated master cylinder to see if I could adapt to the T-cab. Darn! Just not enough room for much of any kind of booster. Even going down to a 7" would not help much. And this set up looked so nice! Well, I'll continue the search for a brake booster and dual mc that will work. Have read that the Chevy monza will work but am worried that it will not do the job adequately.
    Help !

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    Kerry have you considered a Hydraboost like that used on Cehvy diesel trucks?? It runs off a powersteering pump.
    Jeff Rice has one on his CE(yellow truck) and I've found one here

    I think Jeff used a M/C from a Firebird with his


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      Yes, I had looked at that. But the cost is a pretty high for this project. This does slim things down a bit and should fit with no problems.

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        Yeah they're pretty proud of their kit, but you might find a core at a junkyard and get a rebuild.