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IN NEED OF:53 champ front grill chrome

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  • IN NEED OF:53 champ front grill chrome

    HELP!! In need of the front grill chrome trim that goes around the front grill openings. Would like to have the middle bars that go across but are not as bad as I need the chrome trim around it. THESE MUST FIT A 1953-1954 CHAMPION STARLIGHT OR STARLINER HARDTOP. THANKS....

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    You're looking for the "Holy Grail" of postwar Stude trim. If you find any at all, figure it'll need rework to be presentable. You see one or two on ebay now and then. You'll also see the bidding go nuts if the piece is even workable. Be advised that while the stuff for the sedans looks like it will work - it won't.
    There IS a guy who's has some repros made but at $800 bucks a pair, they're not moving too fast!

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