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Brakes on a 59 VI

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  • Brakes on a 59 VI

    i just picked up a 1959 VI at an auction the car is complete runs and drives except 1 thing. The brakes. This is probably a strupid question but does anyone know where the master cylinder and brake fluid reservoir is located on the car. Getting upset with it as I cant drive it without brakes and want to get out for one trip before snow flies.

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    <s>I believe it should be on the firewall in a Lark of that year, whereas a Hawk</s> has it under the drivers floor and is accessed through a hole in the floor. If you need used parts or want to meet a fellow with a collection of Studebakers in your area, you should look up Terry Farmer in your phonebook. I believe he lives just outside of Winnepeg.

    Edit: Thanks for correcting me guys.

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      In 59 the brake master cylinder was still located under the drivers side floor board. There should be an access cover in the floor.
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        I think you will find the master cylinder (build in reservoir) under the floor just to the rear of the brake pedal. Should be a rubber cover in lthe floor and under it is the master cylinder.


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          And for what it's can get "new" wheel cylinders as you may need them.
          Go ahead...ask me how I know...!
          Shoes are easilly available also.

          I'd "assume" that the master cylinder is available because of the wheel cyl's.
          Mine's got a later dual cylinder.

          Though I'd check to see which is a quicker wait time...your local parts house or a Stude dealer.