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GVWR 57 Golden Hawk

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  • studegary
    The base weight on a 1957 Golden Hawk is 3185 pounds. Of course, all options will add to that base weight. The wheelbase is 120.5 inches.
    I hope that you are talking about trailering the Hawk and not flat towing it. I have towed these Hawks with a tow bar. It can be done, but is not a pleasant experience.
    Welcome and be sure to join the Studebaker Drivers Club, from this site.
    I owned a 1957 Golden Hawk with engine number PS3000. It was/is overdrive, power windows, power seat.

    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer

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  • starlightchamp
    Hi RIver77,

    A big welcome to the forum. Lucky you with a Golden Hawk. Be sure and sign up for
    the Studebaker Drivers Club. Instructions to do so in Stickies at forum heading.
    You'll get a great magazine monthly with your membership.
    Many of the usual forum guys are away this week at the Nationals in Cedar Rapids
    or you would have many more welcomes.
    ...Dick curtis

    1950 Champion Starlight
    1963 Hawk GT
    Santa Barbara

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  • don samborski
    I have specs on my 58 which should be the same..they list a min and max weight of 3,470.


    58 Golden Hawk

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  • river77
    started a topic GVWR 57 Golden Hawk

    GVWR 57 Golden Hawk

    Hi all from the newbie,

    I have been blessed and will soon aquire a 1957 Golden Hawk and I need to tow the car from North to South. Can anyone tell me what the GVWR is for a 1957 Golden Hawk?