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  • Paxton supercharger information

    Where can I find information on the care and operation of the Paxton Supercharger on my 1963 Avanti. I would particularly like to know how the vacuum gage should correlate with the speed and tack readings. Floyd Jaehnert

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    Others can speak with more experience, but there is no direct correlation from the vacuum/boost gage and the tach or speedometer. At least none as direct as the tach and the speedo. Wide open throttle vs. part throttle, engine load, tune, belt condition and other variables factor in to what the boost gage will indicate. As an example, if you are cruising at 3500 rpm and let off the throttle, as the engine winds down to 3000 rpm, the boost gage will probably indicate a vacuum reading approaching 20 inHg; whereas if you are cruising at 2000rpm and hold the throttle wide open until 3000 rpm, you might be reading a boost pressure.

    Is there a way to better understand the information you want?

    As to care and maintenance. Aside from feeding it good filted air, regular fluid changes at 3000 miles is recommended. Opinions vary on fluid, but the factory recommended fluid was Type F ATF. I use B&M Trick Shift ATF (Not the synthectic, btw).

    Keep in mind, belt condition will greatly affect performance. Oil or other fluids on the belt driveline are a bad thing.


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      Jim: Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. Floyd