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Ring and Pinion Mesh Pattern, opinion

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  • Ring and Pinion Mesh Pattern, opinion

    My rear has been whining ( insert funny comments here ) for a few years and I've finally torn it all apart to replace bearings, ring and pinion and install the flanged axles I've had in the garage for almost 3 years. FYI DANA 44 TT 3.73.

    I've purchased an extra set of bearings to use as set-up bearings. It took about 4 hours to hone out the center of these bearings to allow them to be put on and taken off without a press during the set up process. I guess my carbide rasps are either dull or the wrong material.

    My first set up yielded the patterns pictured below. I would like to know, from those who know, if it's satisfactory. It won't be my final set-up because I'm not happy with the backlash associated with this set-up but I'm torn on the pattern.

    So, my question is if your installation resulted in this pattern would you have leave it alone? I've never done this before and I'm torn. The drive pattern looks like it's centered OK and long enough but I don't know if the contact is wide enough. The coast pattern looks OK but I'll welcome thoghts on that also.



    Thanks in advance for the input,


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    Looks a tad low. You might need to move the pinion out a little.
    Here are some places that have pretty good visual guides.

    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Jeff...THANKS! The Richmod Gear PDF helped a lot. Seeing the pattern in the flesh makes it easier to compare it to mine. I agree with you based on what I see there.

      Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some 'prettier' pictures.


      On its way to a 15.097 Spring 2006.


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        If this is your first it can be an experience. Changing position of pinion will move pattern up and down (depth wise) the tooth but also
        move it somewhat length wise. Changing position of ring gear moves pattern on tooth length wise but to some degree also depth wise. One changes the other. You can spend a lot of time getting it right. Also try to load carrier when checking pattern as it gives you a better pattern if a little effort is required to turn it. Pinion appears too close in your photo but as pattern is low to toe end pulling ring gear away from pinion may pull it up a little depending on your present backlash Good luck.


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          I finally got to test drive the Avanti after the rear end rebuild and I'm happy to report NOTHING. No noise accelerating or coasting although I didn't get past 60 mph so I can't say if everything is right under all circumstances.


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