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  • Bellhousing ID Needed

    Spring Cleaning has produced a mystery bellhousing, and I'd like the expert's opinion as to what it fits. Casting # looks like: 1551117.Legend has it fitting a 61 Hawk with a 4-speed, but I don't have a casting# to part# cross-reference, so I don't really know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help, Larry B.

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    It is a four speed bell housing and it fits the "Chevy" pattern transmission. It's a hard to find item.


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      This only fits '61 Hawks and early '62 Lark/Hawks with the early T-10 4 speed which as mentioned, was a Chevy case not a Ford case like the late '62 and on models.

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        Let me add to this for some of the not so in the wool dyed Studebaker fans.
        When Studebaker planned to add 4 speeds to their cars only a Borg Warner T!0
        transmission with the Chevy pattern was available
        Take a look at the picture and note that the 4 mounting holes are to the left and right of the
        opening. (ears out).
        Halve way thru the 1962 production Ford pattern T10 four speed transmissions became available.presumably because Ford added them to their line up.
        Studebaker alway used the Ford pattern (ears up) three speeds and started using the Ford
        pattern transmissions again with the mounting holes above and below the opening.
        The ratios were also different and the 1961 early 62 transmissions were favored by
        gearheads. These Chevy pattern bell housings part # 1552737 are still available from
        Dennis (SASCO in South Bend) at a $170.00 price tag.


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          Thanks for the help in ID'ing this housing, I can always rely on you guys for a helpful answer!


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            My understanding is that the Chevy pattern was used from 61 through 62. The mid year change was from 2.20:1 low gear, close ratio transmission to a 2.54:1 low gear, wide ratio. That is also when the full flow block came along. My 62 Hawk was built May 16, 1962 and has the Chevy pattern case and full flow block.

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              They don't have them anymore.


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                are the ford type still avaible and what is the part number?


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                  quote:Originally posted by hotrodstude

                  are the ford type still avaible and what is the part number?
                  Don't know the part number right off, but the "ford" 4 speed bellhousing is the same as a V8 with 3 speed.

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