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    1966 Studebaker Commander 194 question
    Can I replace a T96 non overdrive transmission with a 1966 T86 overdrive transmission by just unbolting and removing the T96 at the bell housing and sliding the T86 overdrive in.
    Other than redoing the drive shaft?
    Bell housing same pattern? Transmission or motor mount problem? crossmember changes?
    Thank you.

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    IIRC, the T86 made for use with the Chevy engine, had a Chevy-style bolt pattern, and a short, Chevy-style input shaft. The T96 was made with the standard Studebaker bolt pattern and input shaft, and a thick cast iron adaptor plate went between it and the bellhousing. Different clutch disc, too? So you would probably have to change the clutch disc, and pilot bearing, discard the adaptor plate, and mount the T86 direct to the bellhousing.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      Thanks so much for the expert advice


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        To take this topic one step further, it is my understanding the T96 was used in the 194 and 230 (I6s) while the T86 was used with the 283 (V8).

        Some research in the manuals shows different part IDs (plate 02-1):
        1564006 (the entire clutch pack) fits the 66S (six cylinders)
        1564439 is specified for the 66V (the V8)
        The clutch disc (sub component) has a different part number as you'd expect since its parent part ID is different.

        This info would suggest the I6s and V8 are in fact different, how I do not know.
        So the question is...if an owner is changing from a T96 on his I6 to a T86 (that is usually used on a 283 V8) will the respective clutch packs be compatible with both flywheels? That is to say, if the owner were to go the trouble of buying a new clutch pack to fit the T86, would it fit up to the 194 flywheel? Anyone know?


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          Pretty sure it would fit the 194 flywheel. The same bellhousing is used.
          Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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            The T86 overdrive transmission in question came from a 6 cylinder 1966 Studebaker.If you look at the parts book you see that both T86 and T96 were used on 6 cylinder cars.
            It could be that the input shaft splines were different also, requiring a different clutch disk.
            The drive shaft on the overdrive cars were shorter than the non overdrive T96.
            Can anyone that did this swap chime in and help?


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              I will add some additional information...after measurement, the input shaft tip (pilot bushing stub) and splined portion have identical diameters. Both the T96 and T86 have 10 splines as well.
              The primary concern is the T86 shaft is roughly 1/2" longer and may bottom out before the gear box mates with the bell housing.
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                Update: I am happy to report the subject switch-out my standard T96 3-speed to a T86 with OD is complete. No clutch changes were required however an adaptor plate was needed to mount the new assembly to the existing rear cross member. Let the record show the swap-out is possible.

                The OD is not electrically connected at this time as I have no information on how/where the kickdown switch is mounted. I am familiar with the bracketry on the older (50s vintage) vehicles however the Studebaker/GM intermix is confusing the situation. I have ordered what appear to be the only two brackets required (1563939 and 1563943) but see no discernable way they combine to hold the kickdown switch in an appropriate position.

                If anyone has information (preferably a photo) of this mounted assembly on a '66 six cylinder, your help is much appreciated.