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What rims work on a Turner disk brake job?

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  • Wheels / Tires: What rims work on a Turner disk brake job?

    What rims work on a Turner disk brake job

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    Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum Charles!

    That would depend on WHAT the Wheels are going on, what Year Stude. Car or Truck?
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      S2D is running a turner brake conversion front and rear.


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        As a starting point you might consider Ford Crown Victoria or Mercury Grand Marquis 15 x 6" or 15 x 6.5" steel wheels from one of these rear wheel drive cars from late 1960s to the 1990s. Ford Ranger wheels (1990s) are similar. These have an offset of about 3.5" and will clear the Turner disc brakes. New copies of these Ford wheels are made by Wheel Vintiques. Junk yards (a dying breed) should be a source for used wheels.


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          I'm putting disks on front of '61 lark, lots of cars on the road now a days , I want better braking because of this. The '61 currently has a 6 cylinder under the hood , soon to be swapped out for a v-8, the disks I feel will handle the increased weight.


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            Most any 15" and larger (up to a point) with Ford 4.5" (114.3 mm) bolt circle and about 3-4" back spacing. The front is the limiting width.

            I run 17"X 8" w/4.25 BS Mustang Bullit wheels on my Avanti with Turner brakes but that's the max width and BS for the front. Avanti's have a Lark Frame.

            As above 3.5" BS is usual and be sure to run the Ford lugnuts as they are the same thread but larger in size.

            What I always do is to take an old wheel and bolt it on the front and mock up the newer size wheel/tire by any method you choose, Cardboard works well, just to be sure.

            There are a fair number of discussions on the site but the above is a short summary.

            Usually a Google search will get you a lot of information and feed back to the information on this site. You can also try the advanced search in the upper fight corner of the site but I find Google works better.

            Glad to see you are upgrading the brakes.

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              Hi Billybb . In the future, please do not use one-word post titles. Be descriptive, so people know what you're asking about. I've edited this post for you.

              Thanks, and welcome!

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