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  • Transmission / Overdrive: DG 200 Automatic transmission

    I have a problem with the DG 200 automatic transmission (serial number S-CO 88321) in my 1951 Commander Starlight coupe with a 259 V8 engine. The transmission was totally rebuilt two years ago and since has been driven less than 500 miles. The transmission worked fine except the speedometer did not work. A mechanical friend of mine found the gear to which the speedometer attaches was not engaging and fixed the problem. I warmed up the car, checked the AT fluid level and put in a quart.
    When I was backing out of the garage my friend held up his hand for me to stop. There was a large puddle of AT fluid that had dumped out on the floor. We put the car back on the rack and it appeared the fluid came out between the transmission and torque converter. We took out the transmission and the front seal seems intact. Since my friend and I are not AT mechanics we do not want to tear down the transmission. Advise needed on what may be the problem. The person who rebuilt the transmission is no longer available.
    Appreciate any advice and persons in AL or surrounding state who could repair the transmission.
    Ron Acton

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    What procedure did you use when checking the fluid level before adding a quart?

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      In a Nutshell, you check the Fluid, with the Car level, Engine and Trans. warmed up, at a Slow Idle in Low Gear (L) of course with the Wheels blocked, Parking Brake on etc.
      On a '51 you could actually also hold the Service Brake (Pedal) down at the same time as checking it.
      Also after ATF was invented, the regular Dexron or Type "F" Fluid is used of course.

      If the Front Pump Leaks that badly it is possible that the "Mechanic" left out or damaged the "O" Rings on the Front Pump. It shouldn't be THAT difficult to unbolt it and Look.
      It sure would Help thoug,h to have the Parts Catalog and or Shop Manual handy.

      In your '51 to '54 Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog Picture # 802-42, Part Number 529585, Front Pump "O" Ring, 5 1/2" I.D.
      Or the 802-55, 529527 Pump Overflow "O" Ring 31/64" I.D. -Very Interesting NAME!
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        My first thought was that the fluid level was not properly checked (as two comments above).
        My second thought is related to the fact that a DG200 and a 259 were not factory assembled (as a pair). Was the transmission properly aligned (dialed in) to the engine?
        EDIT: In rereading your post, I get the idea that the engine/transmission had not been used for a period of time before the fluid was discovered on the floor. If you are lucky, perhaps you just experienced torque convertor drain back causing an overflow of AT fluid.
        Gary L.
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          Which auto transmission was used on a 259 engine
          Ron Acton


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            Originally posted by ronta View Post
            Which auto transmission was used on a 259 engine
            Ron Acton

            It won't let me make a post without 10 characters, so AGDJBLLDG23*FRRRKQnnnnzap!!
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