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Carburetor size calculation chart

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  • Fuel System: Carburetor size calculation chart

    For you big carburetor guys, or folks looking to buy new and haven't seen the many size calculators on the web, ponder this.
    Yes, it's old. BUT, math is math, and nothing's really changed, nor will it. "Some" newer calculators have another parameter in the mix, "engine efficiency" (in %). Interestingly, if you put in a realistic...efficiency value, the carburetor size normally goes "down" for this list..!

    Also read the info below the chart. It describes to go "up" in size if your cfm number is between a carburetor size that's available vs. one that is not made by anyone.
    E.G. - 485cfm recommended... Buy a 500cfm carburetor.

    See listed page 13.


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    I think maybe a PDF has to be "Hosted" somewhere to be on the Internet. I might be wrong but, I tried pasting the Link in the Address Window after clicking it didn't work, and neither worked.
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      Worked for me, Rich.
      Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
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        Works fine.
        David L


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          Double checked, works for me also.

          try this...
          Go to Offenhauser -

          Put your cursor on "Products" (do not click) at the top of the page, go down to "catalogue", click on "catalogue", down to page 13.



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            OK I finally remembered that my Computer and Windows 10, -Firefox do not hit me on the head and remind me that Files like this do not go in an Obvious place like the toolbar or desktop, they go in the "Downloads File".
            I was expecting a HTTPS:// Website, -wrong!

            So I had about 9 Copies there! . . .. ..
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Mike Van Veghten , thanks! I made it a sticky and changed the title. Good stuff!

              Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                Memo to Mark Wheeler, SDC web Master;

                Should probably be part of the Tech Tips page of the SDC web site as well.
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