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exhaust ports

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  • exhaust ports

    is there a difference in sizes of exhaust headers (port size) on the different years and cubic in sizes of v8's - for examplle would 232 headers have the same size or smaller ports than 259/289 headers - a second question is what are the different terms for engines ??? bearcats thunderbolts and other i would like a list of what name goes to which year and size thanks for any info - alf

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    Yes ALF, the exhaust ports are all the same on '55-'64 259 and 289
    V-8's, the 232 '51-'54 V-8 has the small ports & valves. The 1964 R3 and R4 304.5 c.i.d. engines are the same as 289 exhaust but even larger valves and intake ports.

    The engine names are really no big deal, but if you want the correct decals etc. here are most of them: 1955 Pacesetter 224, Wildcat 259 4V, Bearcat: 259 162 HP Commander, Passmaster: 259 President & Speedster, Sweepstakes 185 6 cyl. '55-'58, Sweepstakes 259 1956-'58, Sweepstakes 289 '56-'58, Skypower 352 '56 Golden Hawk, Packard Super 289 1957 Clipper, Route Star 224 1955-56 Trucks, Skybolt 6 "170" 1961-64, Power Thrust 259 1964, Thunderbolt 289 1963-64, Jet Thrust R1 289 1963-'64, Jet Thrust, Supercharged R2 289 1963-'64, Jet Thrust R3 304 Supercharged, Jet Thrust 304 R4 Dual 4Brl 1964, 1965-'66 Skybolt 6 "194", 1966 Super Skybolt 6 "230" Thunderbolt 283 1965-'66.
    Whew! I think that's about it![^]
    Keep in mind that their advertising was not always consistent, and some years had no decals or names also some engines are the same with different names, others different engine same name! [V]

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      thanks for info i wanted to see what was differences in stude engines thanks again - alf