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How much does a 1962 Studebaker Champ Truck Weigh?

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  • How much does a 1962 Studebaker Champ Truck Weigh?

    i'm going to be towing this truck from my mom's house 150 miles away and i need to know the weight to see if my truck can pull it. I'm not in the same area as the truck right now and my mom said she read 5200lbs on the door panel. I wanted to clarify this, seems kind of high.


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    That is GVW, which is max weight with load. My 63 with a V8 weighs 3,350 lbs. 6 cylinder would be about 3,250.


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      ok thats what i thought she was reading that number on the side door also? Was there a big change from 62-63?


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        Empty weight would not normally be listed on the door panel to my knowledge. No changes to speak of from 62 to 63.
        Frank van Doorn
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          What Frank said. The serial plates on trucks of that era normally listed the GVW (loaded), as it was used to determine registration fees in many states. DMVs were provided data on the empty weight of each model, and was generally printed on the registration. The owner could thus determine how much cargo he could carry without breaking something and/or violating the warranty.

          Skip Lackie
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          Skip Lackie


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            Hi,just curious where you are at and where the truck needs to go.I am making a couple trips from SC to haul cars back and will be pulling an empty car trailer one way.Steve


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              i'll be towing from gainesville florida to clearwater florida. i have a 07 toyota tacoma with the towing pacakge....i should be ok. thanks though